Shawn Rowe, Ph.D. (PI)

Shawn is Associate Professor of Science and Mathematics Education at OSU and Marine Education Learning Specialist for Oregon Sea Grant. He has been doing research and evaluation in science museums and aquariums since 2000 with extensive experience working on large-scale grant funded projects as researcher, evaluator, and administrator. He has been CO-PI and Co-director of the COSEE, Pacific Partnerships (NSF OCE 0731338), Co-PI for the Oregon Coast Aquatic and Marine Science Project Math Science Partnership (Title IIb MSP), CO-PI on the NOAA funded Visitors and Visualization project to create evaluation tools for spherical display systems and understand their learning impacts (NA 08SEC4690032), the COASSTal Communities of Science (NSF-DRL-1322820), and PI on the Deepening Engagement with Live Animal Exhibits project (NA06OAR4170010 NA1548), and Cyberlaboratory -- Exploring Customization and Continuity (NSF-ESI 1114741).

Mark Farley

Mark Farley is the lab manager and learning technologies developer for the FCL Cyberlab. Prior to joining Oregon Sea Grant and Oregon State University in 2009, he was VP of development for Pathworks, Inc., an interactive media development company, where he built computer-based training and education products for private and government entities. In his position with Oregon Sea Grant he is responsible for technology initiatives, programs and products integrating free-choice learning theory and practice, and for the daily operations of the Cyberlab as well as development and integration of new free-choice learning research infrastructure into public learning spaces throughout the US.


Kelly Sullivan

Kelly Sullivan is the Faculty Research Assistant with Oregon Sea Grant’s Cyberlab. Prior to joining Sea Grant in 2015, he was a member of the Client Support Team at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, supporting over 14,000 users. Kelly focuses on the integration of technology with a variety of research platforms and projects, bringing knowledge of the operation and configuration of IT assets directly to researchers.