New Web site!

New Web siteWe have a lot of variety in our work here at the Cyberlab, and we talk about it with visiting researchers, VIPS, and parter universities multiple times a week. Those specific conversations bring us a lot of projects and collaborations, but how do you cram hundreds of unique conversations about your work into one place so that the rest of the world knows what you do? If you are living in a far flung future filled with advanced technologies, you would clone yourself of course. However, in the here and now we have web sites…and we all need and desire an amazing web site that expresses the evocative and innovative nature of our work in a melange of medias allowing potential partners to understand the scope of our project at a glance – and finally we have one of those!  We owe a huge thanks to Lisa Gray at Gray’s Web Design and Nancy Steinberg for bringing the complexity of our research and R&D work into the light. Take a look!